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a disassembled formula mountain bike fork


right. so. youve got your suspension back and its on the bike. Its buttery smooth and your happy right?

thats good so lets keep it that way, heres a few things to look out for and keep in mind.

we are extremely vigilant in ensuring you receive your suspension fully rebuilt with all settings as they were before so they feel familiar. you may need to adjust them slightly to account for the new way they feel. to keep them running as they should we recommend you service your suspension annually under normal riding conditions.

a few things you may notice on riding your newly serviced suspension

fork oil migration is a thing and can occur when your fork is in transit. Once back on the bike if your fork doesnt feel quite right. is making a funny noise or squelching. the rebound or lockout is not working as it should. its nothing to worry about  and is perfectly normal, its just the oil has migrated past where its supposed to be to allow for normal function of the fork. give it a few compressions or a quick ride and the fork will start working normally.

although we try hard to return your suspension to you as it was pre-service this is not always the case and can vary a few psi up or down due to the difference in each shock pump. if the unit feels a little too hard or soft just adjust as normal until they feel like you want them to.

when you receive your suspension they may be some oil or grease residue showing on the shaft. this may/will continue to appear for a few rides. this is perfectly normal and is simply due to the new oil and grease weve added to the suspension when rebuilding it. its nothing to worry about and should dissipate after several hours riding. that being said, properly lubricated forks will always show small oil rings around the stanchion and will be more noticeable in dryer conditions.  
As with most things in continuous use, your suspension needs to be looked after to keep it running trouble free. you're going to need to keep it clean and well lubricated that means washing it after every ride and keeping the wiper seals free of grime and dirt. the use of a good quality suspension lubricant is a good idea and this helps keep the seals lubricated and lifts dirt away avoiding unnecessary and premature ware. a well looked after, regularly serviced suspension unit can run trouble free and last for many years.






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