fox racing shox servicing options and pricing

fox racing shox servicing and pricing


Fox racing shox mountain bike suspension servicing

fit damper model forks - £40

all forks lower service

open bath damper model forks - £50

lower leg bushing replacement - from £45

32mm forks full service

all 32mm model forks - £90 TALAS +£5

34mm forks full service

all 34mm model forks - £90 TALAS +£5

36mm forks full service

all 36mm model forks - £90 TALAS +£5

40mm forks full service

all 40mm model forks- £90

rear shocks

Float, Float R, RP2, 3 or 23, CTD, Triad/RPL and Septune - £90

float x  x2 DPX- £99

dhx air - £125

dhx coil, vanilla r and vanilla rc - £90

dhx rc2 and rc4 - £99

suspension inc mountain bike suspension servicing and repair