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what do you service?

we service most makes and models of forks and rear shocks, we also service rock shox reverb suspension seat posts.

everything gets the full suspension inc treatment and comes back to you feeling great and as near to new as possible.

for exactly what gets done in a service please see each individual service section.

if you're not sure about some thing give us a shout.

what will a service cost me?

servicing costs vary and will depend on what you want serviced. all our detailed prices are on the servicing page. any work above what a service entails will be extra but we will call you first to discuss the extra work, cost and feasibilty.

how much will postage cost i'm spending enough on my service?

all our postage costs are on the servicing page along with the servicing prices. we try and keep our postage costs as competative as possible and wont make any thing on it. where we can save our customers money we do. what the postage costs us that's what we'll charge you, it's as simple as that.

my suspension is a little worn out and coming to the end of its life but i just want it for another season, no one else will look at it, will you do it?

if it helps you out we will certainly take a look at it for you. we won't work on something that is non serviceable and tell you it is, thats not our style, if it's knackered well tell you. if we think it is feasible it will get done. of course we will discuss the pro's and con's of the work first for you to decide if it is worth spending the money on before we do any thing.

if it's decided it's not worth doing we can either send it back to you at your expense or scrap it free of charge. we won't charge you for our time for looking at the unit.

you can also send us pictures of the unit to save on postage and we can give our opinion that way.


what kind of after care can i expect from suspension inc?

we offer a limited 90 day warranty on workmanship, if your suspension unit experiences a problem in the 90 days from the time the work carried out is completed we will repair it free of charge. this warranty does not cover failure of parts used to service the unit, wear and tear or failure of components. also not covered are problems from misuse, incorrect adjustment of the unit or incorrect installation of the unit.

please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are experiencing problems with your serviced unit, either by phone or email to discuss how best to resolve the issue.

what payment options are available?

we take payments over the phone via debit or credit card. to achieve a successful payment both home and card address' must match. alternatively we can send you a paypal invoice and you can pay that way if more convenient for you. you can also pay cash on collection if you prefer. please note all financial details are destroyed immediately after payment has been authorized. we take you privacy extremely seriously and will never pass your personal details onto a third party. all card payments are transacted using the highest security. your details are safe with us.

what's your typical turn around am i going to be waiting ages to get my stuff back?

no way! where possible we try to offer a 24hr turn around, but things can take a little longer depending on the amount of work we have and what you are sending to us. we will do it as fast as possible for you but don't expect us to rush. that's how mistakes are made and we dont make mistakes, not ever. we make sure your stuff gets done right first time every time. we will let you know in advance the lead time on services.

of course if your unit needs extra work we'll let you know as soon as we know. 

turn around then depends on parts needed and availabilty of said parts. but again you won't be waiting ages for it to get done, we have a good stock of parts and a next day turn around from suppliers in any case. we know how important it is to ride, we get bummed out when we can't ride too!

when your suspension leaves our workshop, it's on a next day service so you can expect it that following day from us sending it.

I'm going on holiday and need my stuff done straight away can you help?

we'll certainly try our best even if we are fully booked. if it helps you out, you are genuinly going on vacation and need your suspension servicing asap we'll work a bit of over time to get it done for you. no extra charge. of course this wont affect our other customers, all other work will still get done as scheduled and out on time. customer service is one of our top priorities here at suspension inc and we want to make you as happy with our work as we are working on your suspension. so there's nothing we wont try and do to keep our customers happy......with in reason;)

what if my stuff gets lost or damaged in transit?

in the extremely unlikely event of this happening your stuff is fully insured with our courier company. we have not had any problems yet so dont worry, they're real good and we always add more padding where necessary at no extra cost to you.

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